I would like to take values submitted on a form and put them into an array if more then one value is selected. I have a select list of items to choose from, you can choose either all of them with a checkbox, one of them with the mouse or many of them with a mouse. If they choose many I want the values to be split up. So say if they choose three items, the value submitted is 1, 2, 3 I would like to seperate these like this.<BR>1<BR>2<BR>3<BR><BR>That way I can do this,<BR>sql1="select * from table where itemno=1"<BR>rs1=conn.execute(sql1)<BR>sql2="selec t * from table where itemno=2"<BR>rs2=conn.execute(sql2)<BR>sql3="selec t * from table where itemno=3"<BR>rs3=conn.execute(sql3)<BR><BR>I would just do the select with an or statement but due to customer formating requests I have to split each item to display it. Any help is appreciated.