Hi,<BR><BR>I have a question for which I didn&#039;t find an answer til now.<BR><BR>I&#039;ve created a database called "books"<BR>and I imported datas from a Microsoft Access 2000 database.I&#039;ve set up again the<BR>primary keys for each tables and the relationships between them (as they were in Access).<BR>Good.<BR>I did the modifications for Identity (by checking Identity check box from<BR>enterprise Manager for a column from each table which will be the equivalent of<BR>Autonumber from Access).<BR><BR>All worked OK (I could see the results in browser).<BR><BR>I deleted the database "books".<BR><BR>And I&#039;ve tried again to see my site in the browser.<BR><BR>Surprisingly for me, it worked.How, if I&#039;ve just deleted the database and I restarted the SQL Server?<BR><BR>Then, by accident, I opened the "master" database from Enterprise Manager:<BR>~~~~~~<BR>The database that controls user databases and the operation of SQL Server as a<BR>whole. It is installed automatically with SQL Server and keeps track of user<BR>accounts, remote user accounts, and remote servers that this server can interact<BR>with. It also tracks ongoing processes, configurable environment variables,<BR>system error messages, databases on SQL Server, storage space allocated to each<BR>database, tapes and disks available on the system, and active locks.).<BR>~~~~~<BR><BR>I took it from Books Online.After opening I found out that in this database are<BR>the same tables which I had in "books" database (among other tBLES).<BR>I deleted the "books" database but when I&#039;ve tried, from browser, to see if the<BR>ASP scripts works I found out that yes, I can see what was in the database (like<BR>the database "books" was never deleted).<BR><BR>So, I supposed that the scripts has taken the data not from the original<BR>database "books" (which I&#039;ve delete it) but from the same tables from "master"<BR>database.So I&#039;ve delete those tables from "master" database.<BR><BR>And I&#039;ve tried again the scripts.Now they didn&#039;t not work (I get, for example, this<BR>error: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error &#039;80040e37&#039; Invalid<BR>object name &#039;categories&#039; . /b2-sql/left-menu.asp, line 13) and I supposed<BR>because I&#039;ve deleted those tables.<BR><BR>Then I repeated the process: creating a new table called, the same, "books",<BR>imported from the same Access database.<BR><BR>Now when I&#039;m opening the "master" database I don&#039;t see the tables from "books"<BR>anymore (I even restarted the computer).<BR><BR>And the scripts doesn&#039;t works even the database "books" is there.I cannot see anything in the browser but the same error:Microsoft OLE DB Provider for SQL Server error &#039;80040e37&#039; Invalid object name &#039;categories&#039; . /b2-sql/left-menu.asp, line 13<BR><BR>What should I do? And why those tables were in the "master" database before and<BR>not now? I tried to find sometyhing in the Books Online but nothing until now.<BR><BR>Thanks for any info you can give,<BR><BR>Mircea<BR><BR><BR>