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    Here&#039;s the scenario, I am curious what everyone thinks is the best way to get this accomplished.<BR><BR>I am writing an application for a client which allows them to update and change the HTML which appears on certain pages.<BR><BR>This is actually very simple but I&#039;ll give this example so you can visualize what&#039;s going on... They have a location page (location.asp) which gives a map and directions to their office. The template which includes navigation, header, footer, etc. is the outside of the page or "box". Everything inside this "box" the client can edit by inserting HTML through the control panel. Then when the actual page (location.asp) is called through a browser, a database call is made to pull the HTML.<BR><BR>My question is, What is the best way to store this HTML?<BR><BR>Currently I am storing this info in a Memo file in Access, however we will be upsizing to MS SQL in a couple months.<BR><BR>OK now some variables which are important.<BR>1) Right now we have 12 Memo fields. However this may end up being closer to 40<BR>2) Don&#039;t want to limit the amout of HTML which can be used.<BR>3) Disk space is NOT an big issue.<BR>4) Some of these fields will be called frequently while others vary rarely.<BR><BR>The three options we&#039;re considering....<BR><BR>1) Store all in Memo fields - (probably the least desirable)<BR><BR>2) Use FileSystemObject and store all in Text(?) Files. (question, what would the performance hit be having to open text files compared to a database call?)<BR><BR>3) Have the frequently accessed pages created using something similiar to ASPTear and store the HTML for the pages which are rarley accessed in Text files.<BR><BR>Or is there something even better which I am missing and would be better?<BR><BR>Thanks in Advance for your comments!

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    Here&#039;s a fourth option (and one used by a large corporate)<BR><BR>4. Allow your users Frontpage access to their own files so that they can edit the pages themselves.<BR><BR>This assumes that thye have Frontpage and that you&#039;re willing to install FP extensions (free) and patch the FP holes (plenty). This the client ownership and control of the page and lets them do "real time" changes.

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