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    Hi I am trying to capture the url to a string. For example. If the url is localhost/directory/somefile.asp?sort=something my string should contain somefile.asp?sort=something. Is this possible? referrer does not do the job, nor does URL. <BR><BR>THanks for your help

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    You have to use both...<BR><BR>Request.ServerVariables("SCRIPT_NAM E")<BR>-- This will give you the full virtual path to the file...<BR><BR>And <BR><BR>Request.ServerVariables("QUERY_STRING")<BR >-- This will give you the entire query string<BR><BR>Once you have both of these you&#039;ll need to do some string parsing to get only the information you want...<BR><BR>Hope this helps... <BR><BR>--F<BR>

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