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    I have a page that is strictly for our network and when people access it outside, they get a "You are not authorized" page, is there a way to recognize that these people are not from our network so i can make them a customized page? The error I get is:<BR><BR>HTTP 401.2 - Unauthorized: Logon failed due to server configuration<BR>Internet Information Services<BR><BR>I have it set up to not allow anonymous access to this folder where the asp is. Let me know if you need more info<BR><BR>

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    Default Depends to what level...

    You can set up a custom error message page in IIS. Just set a custom one up for "401.2" error with your own wording, etc.<BR><BR>Then, if the user comes from outside your network/domain/whatever and is not allowed in because of server configuration, then they get that page instead of the default.<BR><BR>Craig.

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