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Thread: Passing paramaters w/in frames

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    How can I pass a paramater from an HTML page frame to an asp page?<BR><BR>Julie

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    In the frame tag you must hard code the value to pass:<BR><BR>&#060;frameset><BR> &#060;frame name=top src=myPage.asp?MyParm=3><BR>&#060;/frameset><BR><BR>If the "frameset" page is an ASP page you can obviously dynamically build the src value. If you have spaces in the parm then you must use Server.URLEncode:<BR><BR>&#060;frameset><BR> &#060;frame name=top src=myPage.asp?MyParm=&#060;%=Server.URLEncode(MyA SPVariable)&#037;&#062;><BR>&#060;/frameset>

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