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    I have 2 tables <BR>table1 = 18000 records<BR>table2 = 2500 records<BR><BR>table2 contains records which may already contain in table1 <BR>i want to filter those records and get a result of all unique records from both the table. I am using this query <BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCT u.email, mu.email <BR>FROM users u <BR>LEFT OUTER JOIN newsletterusers mu <BR>ON u.email != mu.email <BR><BR>but this query takes forever so i dont know if its going to retrieve the correct records. the actual records received should be around 16500 which i have worked out manually.<BR><BR>brij <BR>

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    Use a subquery, something like:<BR><BR>SELECT DISTINCT email FROM users WHERE <BR>email IN <BR>(<BR>SELECT email FROM newsletterusers<BR>)<BR>

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