After reading the articles on Data Shaping I had a stab at it. My problem lies in the SQL of the child recordset.<BR><BR>Dim rsreg, sqlreg<BR>sqlreg = "SHAPE { SELECT * FROM tblregister WHERE date =&#039;" & Request.form("date") & "&#039;} " & _<BR> "APPEND ({ SELECT * FROM tblpupils WHERE form =&#039;" & Request.Form("form") & "&#039;} " & _<BR> "AS Names RELATE id to id )"<BR>Set rsreg = server.createobject("ADODB.recordset")<BR>rsreg.op en sqlreg, dbschoolcon2, 2, 2<BR><BR>dim rsregchild<BR>set rsregchild = rsreg("names").value<BR><BR>So thats the general idea, I am building a register system for a school and I&#039;m trying to first sort by date which works fine and then on the APPEND line I have tried to use a simple WHERE form = variable but this just throws up Exception occurred. After playing around with it I found that it only likes it when every value for each record in the field in the WHERE clause is the same.<BR>Any suggestions?