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    I have just got a result from my database and I now want to only select the first 30 characters of the string. How can I do this?

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    In the left panel of this page, click on "VBScript Reference" in the "Resources" section.<BR><BR>In the list of topics that appears, click on "Functions".<BR><BR>In the list of functions that appears, click on "Left".<BR><BR>May I please suggest that you take the time, someday soon, to read through each and every one of the functions and statements available in VBScript? You don&#039;t need to memorize anything; the idea is just to be familiar enough with the contents that you can say to yourself "Oh, yeah, I remember...there&#039;s a function in VBS that will do that...I don&#039;t remember its name but if I see a list of functions..."<BR><BR>

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