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    i have a field in multiple tables in an access database that need to store the identical date/time stamp value. the value is first created when a visitor requests the main page on my site, and then sent to the user in a cookie.<BR><BR>subsequently, there are three different web forms that the user might fill out on my web site. the script for each of the three forms pulls the same original date/time stamp value from the user&#039;s cookie and populates a variable with it. that identical value is then inserted into the database in a hidden field in the form.<BR><BR>my question is whether access will read and store the identical date time value or whether access will simply store the new current date/time stamp value for the current form submission, which will of course be a different value from the original date/time stamp value that happened several minutes earlier when the user first requested the main page of my site.

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    it would make sense that if the value of the time is NOT changing then it will be stored as is. If you change the value at any point then the last value is what will be stored. <BR><BR>get around it by doing this. <BR><BR>session("start")=""<BR><BR>put that in your Session_OnStart sub in your global.asa. Then when the user logs in successfully, just assign session("start")=now() and when you need that value, just use session("start") to get that start time. <BR>Good luck. :)

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