I am working on a project for a company that has a few macintosh machines as their only computers in their offices. i am developing some asp stuff for them on a windows web server that is hosted by an unrelated isp in a different state for public use only. i would like to also use my asp, vbscript, and vba coding skills to automate processes on their local macintosh machines even when they are not connected to the web. specifically, i have heard that there is a version of personal web server for the macintosh. i would like to install the macintish version of personal web server on one of their local machines and create a local Access-for-Macintosh intranet ASP database that mirrors the Access ASP database i am building for them on the web and that regularly dials up the web database to synchronize data. i would also like for the Access-for-Macintosh database to automatically update and print routine reports in MSWord-for-Macintosh and MSExcel-for-Macintosh on a regular schedule so that their entire business process model can be automated using the microsoft office.<BR><BR>my question here is simple. when i am coding for a macintosh "server" on an all-macintosh mini-network, can i use the same vbscript and vba code that i use for ms office on windows machine? i would be using personal web server for the macintosh, so i assume that means it supports asp. <BR><BR>but i am not too keen on learning new code for only one project. these macintosh machines will spend 99% of their time on a closed network never interacting with windows machines.<BR><BR>is there a separate scripting lanquage for macintosh ms office and pws coding? or is it just the same vbscript and vba regardless of what operating system i am using, as long as i am using some verion of ms office?