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    Yes- I&#039;m lazy, and not very good at programming. I also have a fairly large and complicated database with lots of forms & queries & stuff, so I don&#039;t want to have to recode everything (even assuming I could any time soon). The Access: "Save as HTML" generates the pages but I have been unable to connect, even with webhost assistance. "Error 80004005" . <BR>Can I get "Save as HTML" to generate pages in DSN-Less format? Or make code changes to existing pages?<BR>Test pages sent up as DSN-Less worked perfectly, so I would like to go that way.

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    Default You have to script Access... can&#039;t use ADO or a connection string or any of that stuff.<BR><BR>You have to actually use Access, itself, as if it were an ASP component. Note that your hosts settings may not allow this. But even if they do you are unlikely to find the topic discussed in many places. It&#039;s rarely used.<BR><BR>

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