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    Just as Vbscript & ASP were 2 different languages where<BR>VBscript was the default language in ASP, are<BR>C# & ASP.NET also 2 different languages and is<BR>C# the default language for ASP.NET<BR>And finally there are some very good articles on this<BR>site for ASP.NET but from where do I get C#(for starters)

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    ASP.NET does not have a default language...<BR><BR>You can use C++, C#, VB, etc... The beauty of .NET is that it allows the developer to choose which language they want to develop in...<BR><BR>I myself am more comfortable in VB than anything else so VB.NET will be my language of choice...<BR><BR>For C# articles you might check out...<BR><BR>www.123aspx.com<BR>www.msdn.microsof t.com<BR><BR>Hope this helps...

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    Default Our site has several C# articles


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