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    I want to create some cookies for a login system on my site. I thought I had the code right, but it isn&#039;t working. What am I doing wrong? Heres my code:<BR><BR>&#039;Getting info from database<BR> LoginName = rsChecMember("Name")<BR> LoginPassword = rsChecMember("password")<BR> LoginPeopleID = rsChecMember("PeopleID")<BR> LoginEmail = rsChecMember("Email")<BR>&#039;send cookies<BR><BR> Response.Cookies("point")("Name") = LoginName<BR> Response.Cookies("point")("Email") = LoginEmail<BR> Response.Cookies("point")("Password") = LoginPassword<BR> Response.Cookies("point")("PeopleID") = LoginPeopleID<BR> Response.Cookies("point").Expires="Jan 1, 2010"<BR><BR>Thanks for your help in advance!<BR><BR>- Andrew

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    Explicitly, nothing appears to be wrong!<BR><BR>1. First of all make sure that your browser supports cookies.<BR>(I am sure you have have already done that).<BR><BR>2. I am not sure that the last line "Jan 1, 2010" works or not, may be your cookies are made and deleted as the date in this format is not interpreted. Try using like "January 10,2010"<BR><BR>

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