When we develope a web site in English,there isnt a big problem.But to develope a web site in vernacular languages <BR>what caution I have to take ?<BR><BR>I know three websites in language GUJARATI(Western Indian).<BR><BR>www.Gujaratsamachar.com<BR>www.saf ari-india.com<BR>www.rediff.com/gujarati/index.html<BR><BR>Surpricingly all three web sites offer different fonts.<BR>That means it is not possible to use one UNIVERSAL font<BR>to view any of the web sites.<BR><BR>I have to install three different fonts to view all three web sites.<BR><BR>Bring more light on this issue please.<BR>Experts only lease.<BR><BR>Rushi Shroff Rushi@emqube.com<BR><BR>