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    Can somebody give me some suggestions or idea about how to build a sending newsletter function? There are 7,000 customers and Newsletter need to be sent out twice each month. Is there a way to build an ASP-based function if users&#039; email addresses are stored in db? Or some other ways? Can I just use outlook to group users&#039; email? Or use some software?<BR><BR><BR>Your help is deeply appreciated!<BR>

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    Default Use WSH, not ASP...

    7000 messages sent from ASP is just too many. Besides, you can&#039;t "schedule" ASP to run at, say, 03:00 AM when the machine isn&#039;t busy.<BR><BR>You can write the code in VBScript just fine, using CDONTS (and there&#039;s a lot of help with that in the ASPFAQs...see link at top right corner of this page), but instead of invoking the VBS from ASP, use WSH (Windows Script Host).<BR><BR>Yes, WSH is *probably* already installed on your computer. To learn more about it, try (not sure that link is still valid, but search for WSH if it isn&#039;t).<BR><BR>Anyway, WSH "programs" can be scheduled using the task scheduler just like any other program (e.g., you *do* schedule ScanDisk or equivalent at least once a week, right?).<BR><BR>

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