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Thread: Encoding mail messages in "quoted-printable"

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    hi<BR><BR>we&#039;re using a mail component called "ocxqmail" to schedule and send emails from an ASP application. however we noticed that it does not automatically convert to quoted printable encoding when using foreign characters. i know there are components who are capable of this but we&#039;d like to stick with this one because it features queueing. so my question is: can we write a function ourselves that converts a text string to this MIME format before sending it to the component? it can&#039;t be that hard since most email components do it automatically.<BR><BR>thank you<BR>nicolas<BR>nmalfeyt@dynamicz.com

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    You can write a function which converts a text string into a different MIME format. After all, it&#039;s mostly just string manipulation and replacements, I would guess.<BR><BR>Oh, you&#039;re asking if we have one.<BR><BR>No.<BR><BR>How about looking up what EXACTLY the difference between quoted printable and ascii strings are, and reporting back here. If it&#039;s just the MIME headers, then you need to know if your mail component will let you set them manually. I would guess so.<BR><BR>But as you&#039;re using a strange mail component, you&#039;ll have to either:<BR>1) View the site for the people who made the mail component, or<BR>2) Contact the developers.<BR><BR>Sorry.<BR><BR>Craig.

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