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    I&#039;m using a<BR><BR>do until recordset.Eof<BR><BR>then i do some inserts<BR><BR>then i have MoveNext<BR><BR>I have the connection object.exe disabled because I don&#039;t want to actually do this until later against the database. Should the movenext still work with the execute statement being commented out? I basicaly just want to display what the results would be on the screen, then actually run this later.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    No it won&#039;t do the "MoveNext" because the recordset has not been executed and therefore actually does not exist...

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    Default Use getrows?

    The previous post is write ... there&#039;s no object to .movenext against.<BR><BR>Try grabbing the datam use GetRows to put it into an array, destroy the RS and then &#039;update&#039; against this array (and use it visually).<BR><BR>Then, when updating, use the same Array to put the information back.

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