I have built an activeX control using vb6, created an ocx, registered using RegSvr32. It is fairly complex, accesses a database, uses MouseDown, MouseMove, DrawLine, DrawString, <BR>etc. It works fine within my VS.NET .aspx files and in a plain old browser on a plain old web page (no WebForms, no IIS).<BR><BR> I have a VB.Net WinForms UserControl (similar functions as above) working within a vb.net program, don&#039;t know how to get it to work in either my .aspx or a browser the way my VB6 control does. Made a similar WebUserControl, got all the code debugged in the CodeBehind page, but can find nothing within WebUserControl or anywhere else in the WebForms family that <BR>supports Mousedown, MouseMove, DrawLine, DrawString, etc.<BR><BR> Did get something working using ImageButton within a WebForm, (using Chris Garrett&#039;s GDI+ articles in aspalliance.com), but it is very slow (have to create a gif or jpg file containing the graphics, save it, then pull it back into the program), and it does not support MouseMove.<BR><BR> I need something within a WebForm that does what my VB WinForms UserControl does, so my controls can talk to each other easily, (don&#039;t know how to do that between the VB6 controls). Can&#039;t find the mechanism.<BR><BR> ???