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    Default Printer Friendly Question from a Beginner

    I&#039;m having a problem setting up the PrinterPage.asp script. I am a beginner so this is probably simple but the script only returns what looks like an .html version of the script text (like what you would see if you did view/source). This is what I did (I use Frontpage 2000):<BR>1) created a subdirectory under the root called /aspscripts/printpage.asp<BR>2) put the PrintPage.asp in that directory<BR>3) in the file that I want to be able to print, I put the text "Printer Friendly" and hyperlinked it to the /aspscripts/printpage.asp. So it looks like &#060;A HREF="/aspcripts/printpage.asp"&#062;<BR>4) I removed the "if" statement to allow articles to be viewed from any directory.<BR><BR>Problem is, when I click on the hyperlink to execute the .asp it just returns the text of the printpage.asp script. When I changed it to a QueryString it did the same thing.<BR><BR>I know this is very beginner stuff but what am I doing wrong????<BR>

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    Default You need to seriously rephrase that mate. eop


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    Default Are all pages using the ".asp" extension?

    You need to seriously rethink your process with this one... Doesn&#039;t really make sense but sounds like you have script code within an html page...

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