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    I&#039;ve built a crm program in asp and now my customer wants to generate standard documents in msword (and be able to edit them). Is it at all posible to generate word doc&#039;s on a client from internet explorer (using ole automation for instance), or do i have to build a custom browser using the web browser control.<BR><BR>All sugggestion greatfully received! Thanks

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    Default You can return HTML...

    .. that is interpreted as a Word file. Just set the Response.ContentType property to Word&#039;s MIME type (you&#039;re going to need to search the messageboard for it -- I don&#039;t know it off hand).<BR><BR>But, then editing of the Word document and having those changes saved and reflected in your database isn&#039;t possible. You CAN, though have the user make changes and then save that file to their local machine.<BR><BR>-Doug

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