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    I have a SQL Server 7.0 database. I have kept a database &#039;xyz&#039; on it. I don&#039;t want anyone to view its structure, table design and so on. Not even user sa.<BR>Is it possible ??<BR>If not, then is it not an insufficiency from the security point of view. In MS Access, the database can be given a password and then it is accessible to no one else. But in case of SQL server, sa is such a super user that no password can stop him/her. I feel there should be a check on sa. This is valid especially to organizations where the server is a shared server with the data being accessed from someplace else. The database structure in this case is open for theft.

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    You can&#039;t. The SA is an administrator account.<BR><BR>If you can&#039;t trust your DBA team or MIS department, then you have bigger issues. But, if it is an absolute requirement, you could put the database on it&#039;s own server and control WHO has access to the SA account.<BR><BR>-Doug

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