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    Adnan Shahid Bhutta Guest

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    I have writen this code<BR><BR>Response.Write("The user is " &session.SessionID & "<BR>")<BR> session.Abandon()<BR> Response.Write("The user is " & session.SessionID & "<BR>")<BR><BR>This should give two distinct session nubers but it does not<BR>any idea why<BR>please reply to <BR><BR>thanks a lot

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    Sonali B. Guest

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    After &#039session.abandon&#039 method is called,<BR>server treats you as a new user . <BR>unless and until you call a new page , session variables and values are retained .<BR><BR>after calling a &#039session.abandon&#039 ...<BR>write a code to jump to a new page and then check seesionId value.<BR><BR>Abandon method does not take effect until the current page is completely processed.<BR><BR>good luck...<BR><BR>Sonali B.

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    Simhan Guest

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    Alright! Session.abandon does abandon the current session. But, when will a new session be created? Only when the browser sends another request to the server right? or some other is requested from the server and not the same page.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>I completely agree with Sonali

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    Default Session abandon - When...

    Session.abandon can be called from anywhere in a page but will only be effective when that page completes it&#039s processing.<BR><BR>It&#039s a "when this page is done, so is this session" thing

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