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    Hi!<BR><BR>I usually do my experiments with ASP on IIS5 on my PC,<BR>But most of the time, I want to upload my work to my website hosted.<BR><BR>My web-host is fed up of me and I am fed up of him to request everyday to register controls through regsvr32.<BR><BR>Is it possible some way that I do it myself. i mean uploading the control and then running regsvr32 remotely.

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    If your host supports the WIndows Scripting host, then you could effectively shell out using an ASP script and run regsvr32 using that.<BR><BR>You will also need the /s flag on there, to make it silent.<BR><BR>e.g. "regsvr32 /s mydll.dll"<BR><BR>There are articles on using the WSH on<BR><BR>Craig.

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