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    I am doing something pretty easy ( I think) I wanted to do multiple joins at one time and someone told me to do it this way<BR>Select whatever from Tbl1, Tbl2, Tbl3 Where tbl1.whatever = tb2.whatever and Tbl3.whatever = tbl1.whatever1... you get the point. That works great in almost every case (for me) but I have a few instances where my fields are Updatedby, AddedBY, DeletedBY and they hold the ID of the username in another table, SO if the record has not been edited the value for updatedby is null or 0 and this causes major error, like EOF or I get like 200 Records when there is only 4 or something weird. and suggestions on how to do this with one RS, right now I have to call another one (or two ) just to get the username.... Any help is Greatly appreciated.<BR>

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    Default I think some light reading is needed:

    Look up JOIN, specifically LEFT OUTER JOIN and RIGHT OUTER JOIN in your SQL resource.<BR><BR>Depending on the DBMS you are using, the syntax may vary slightly. Try or SQL Server Books Online (either the &#039;net version, or your copy), or Access Help, or or or someplace.<BR><BR>Basically, some R&D on the above topics.<BR><BR>Craig.

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