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    Hi,<BR><BR>We have just created a new asp driven site using an Access database, the<BR>site works fine for me with IE4 & Netscape, however when my client looks at it they keep getting the following message.<BR> <BR>object moved<BR>this object may be found here<BR><BR>has anyone encountered this before and does<BR>anyone know of a solution....<BR><BR>You can view the site at http://www.invex-academy.com , try a search as<BR>this is when the error occurrs, although error is probably not quite the<BR>right word as by clicking a button the search results load...

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    The Object Moved thinggy usually comes after a Response.Redirect<BR>you should use Response.Redirects like this<BR><BR>Response.Buffer = True &#039top of the page<BR>Response.Clear <BR>Response.Redirect("index.asp")

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