I have a proc that returns both a recordset of names, ages etc and a count valuei.e.<BR><BR>PROCEDURE P_GET_EMPLOYEE_LIST(<BR>var_meeting_id in varchar2,<BR>var_recordset OUT var_resultset, <BR>var_count OUT number)<BR><BR>On the frontend...how do I set up the loop to display the info<BR><BR>i.e. I call the proc using<BR>oCmd.Parameters.Append oCmd.CreateParameter("meeting_id", adVarChar, adParamInput, Len(MeetingType), MeetingID)<BR>oCmd.CommandText = "{CALL PKG.P_GET_EMPLOYEE_LIST(?)}"<BR> <BR>oCmd.execute<BR> <BR>Count = oCmd("count")?????<BR>Set oRs= oCmd("")?????<BR><BR>I&#039;m unsure as to how to read both values back <BR><BR>Thanks for any help <BR>