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Thread: HTTP 500 error? Why?

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    Default HTTP 500 error? Why?

    I have an .asp page in my test directory. I type in the following URL<BR><BR>http://localhost/test/PMReport.asp but it gives me an HTTP 500 server error? Why? How can I use IIS 5.0 instead of PWS? What are the instructions for doing this?<BR><BR>I am running Win2K and I made sure PMReport.asp was in the test directory.

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    Default Use IIS not PWS

    Remove PWS<BR><BR>If you are running Win2K Pro you should definitely use IIS. START&#062;SETTINGS&#062;CONTROL PANEL&#062;ADD REMOVE PROGRAMS<BR><BR>Click on Add/Remove Windows Components<BR><BR>Check Internet Information Services<BR>also...<BR>check Script Debugger (Will help you debug asp scripts)<BR><BR>Next... etc<BR><BR>Then Service Pack the machine and install up to date security patches from MS.<BR><BR><BR>Ian<BR>

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