Sending e-mails from a website. They won't co

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Thread: Sending e-mails from a website. They won't co

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    Default Sending e-mails from a website. They won't co

    Hi,<BR><BR>Got a bit of a prob, which i can&#039;t seem to fix. On both Win2000 client and server I planted this code: <BR><BR>&#060;% Set NewMailObj = CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR> NewMailObj.From = ""<BR> NewMailObj.To = ""<BR> NewMailObj.Subject = "testing 1 .. 2. .. 3"<BR> NewMailObj.Body = "HUUH"<BR> NewMailObj.Send <BR> Set NewMailObj = Nothing<BR> %&#062;<BR> The message has been sent?<BR><BR>The page loads, no errors or whatever, only the mail gets stuck in the Queue in the mailroot, forever!! I configured IIS correctly to my opinion. What can be the problem here?

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    Default Try searching

    Or try searching through old posts.<BR><BR>Is there a FAQ on this?<BR><BR>Lastly, give Google a whirl.<BR><BR>This is a common question.<BR><BR>-Doug

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    Default Your "opinion" must be wrong

    there are a few FAQs which i think talk abut how you can set up your exchange must be doing something wrong.<BR><BR>on my win2000 server....i did not have to do just worked when i tried it.<BR><BR>

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