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    I have a sql table with 20000 records.. and i am issuing a command to send mail to all of them throught a stored procedure. It gives a SQL error of Timeout expired. Whereas other pages which use sql are working fine. What can be the problem i even tried script time out , connection timeout options . they dont work too.. sql server is workign fine.<BR><BR>brij

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    Default So you have a stored procedure which

    is basically sending emails to 20,000 addresses and you are executing it via an ASP page? It sounds like you might want to kick this process off another way. Like maybe through a command line script (i.e. - .bat or .cmd) using isql or a .vbs script. If its something you do on a regular schedule, you can even schedule your script to run at certain times using windows AT scheduler.<BR><BR>As an aside, if you haven&#039;t done this, I would see how long it takes your stored procedure to execute by itself in query analyzer. Optimize, optimize, optimize.<BR><BR>Good luck<BR><BR>Pete

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    Yeah, I would agree with that, using this MailQ component it goes through a database of e-mail addresses and mails people, as it&#039;s a NT Service it doesn&#039;t time out and is probably more efficent than ASP for mailing.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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