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    I would like to know who is logged in to my ASP intranet at any given time. Would the best way be to have the log on page create an entry in the database for that user like LoggedIn = 1 and then have the Session_OnEnd set the LoggedIn field to 0 for that user? Any suggestions?

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    Some sort of Application("var") array might work. <BR><BR>sub Application_onstart<BR>Application("UserArray")() = ""<BR>end sub<BR><BR>sub session_onstart<BR> application.lock<BR> application("UserArray")(n) = Session("NewUser")<BR> application.unlock<BR>end sub<BR><BR>Just playing around with that idea. You may have to go with the database thing. I don&#039;t know.<BR><BR>Not sure if you can have an array at the application level (or session for that matter). Therefore, I don&#039;t know if you can even do this. I am certain the syntax is incorrect. This is just my idea of a possibility. Perhaps some of the experts could expand on that.

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    Default had an article on this...

    Search for it. It&#039;s yummy.<BR><BR>-Doug

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