Why do I get just NOTHING?

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Thread: Why do I get just NOTHING?

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    Bryce Elliott Guest

    Default Why do I get just NOTHING?

    I&#039ve tried using various examples to perform queries on both Access and Oracle tables (where I know data are stored), but my page consistently comes up blank. No errors, nada. My query itself should be structured correctly, since I&#039m familiar with SQL, but the rest of it is Greek to me. What are some likely causes, either of my own making, or from the nature of the company&#039s web server?

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    David Highlander Guest

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    There are many many reasons for this but in my experience the most prominent error that causes the default "white screen of nothingness" is forgetting to close an IF THEN statement.<BR><BR>Every time this has happened to me I always find an IF THEN statement missing a END IF.<BR>

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