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    I am sending a highly personalized e-mail to a list of recipients in my DB. My e-mail admin can choose the time to send the e-mail each week. I have created a loop to send the e-mails on a send e-mail asp page. Unfortunately I have the following 2 problems:<BR><BR>1) The only way I can find to kick off the e-mail send at a specified time is to manually schedule the event in the Windows event scheduler. This defeats the purpose of letting the e-mail admin choose the time to send the e-mail in the asp pages. It is also impossible since my web host will not schedule events for me and I don&#039;t have access myself to the event scheduler.<BR><BR>2) The web page times out after I get through about 25 e-mails even though I have set the timeout variable at its maximum.<BR><BR>Any ideas on how I can rest assured that my e-mail will get sent at the time I want it to so I don&#039;t have to babysit it?<BR><BR>-Bob

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    Is your DB SQL Server? You can use SQL jobs to kick off processes (inc. commandline stuff) in much the same way that Windows scheduler does.

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    Default Personally, I would...

    ...write a VB program which sits in the background and constantly checks whether it needs to send email in the next 10 minutes, then does it...<BR><BR>That&#039;s the best way, because you avoid timeouts and things like that. However, if your host won&#039;t let you schedule events, then they probably won&#039;t let you have a constantly-running application.<BR><BR>The only other way would be to schedule an executable to run without them knowing. If you have access to the Windows Scripting Host, then you can schedule a program to be run using the AT command (look it up somewhere). That program could be IE hitting a web page, or a VB program you have written to run.<BR><BR>However, if your host finds out, they won&#039;t be too pleased :)<BR><BR>Craig.

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