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    Our web site has been growing, and we use Access now. I don&#039;t see any server problems yet, but how far can you use Access vs SQL. And were do you start with SQL? Software, coding, etc?<BR>TIA

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    Default Access uses SQL...

    SQL is a language, in fact an ANSI standard language, used by most all DBs.<BR><BR>Now...SQL SERVER is another DB. Which I presume was what you are talking about.<BR><BR>(Okay, okay...so I&#039;m a pedant. Anyway...)<BR><BR>It&#039;s really kind of hard to say. Access doesn&#039;t do too bad a job of serving up many users so long as the vast bulk of the usage is read-only. Access begins to fall down, and sometimes badly, when you start having many people trying to do updates at the same time.<BR><BR>But what is "same time"??? Say you have, for example, 50 people all inputting data into a form and, when each submits the form, adding data to the DB. Well, if it takes each person 10 seconds to input that data, then you are getting 5 updates per second, yes? Access might well choke on that. But if it takes each person 10 *minutes* to input that data...well, even Access is going to do fine with only 5 updates a minute (one every 12 seconds).<BR><BR>So...the answer is the usual answer to most computing problems: "It depends."<BR><BR>

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