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Thread: Input type="FILE" Value="Always blank"

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    Default Input type="FILE" Value="Always blank"

    When using input type="file" I can not get the text box to display a default file name. Does anyone have any ideas/examples how to do this?

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    Default Security restriction

    Since it is obviously very, very easy to use JS code to submit a form, if your code was *also* allowed to specify a filename then anybody could steal all the files from you they wanted.<BR><BR>SO...NO. You can&#039;t set a filename. Period.<BR><BR>

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    Default Display the default above or below...

    I have an item maintenance form that a user is allowed to upload a new file.<BR><BR>What I did was display the filename below the form and have it linked to the actual picture.<BR><BR>It doesn&#039;t prepopulate the filename box, but it *does* give the indicator of what was previously there.<BR><BR>-Doug

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