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    My site is on a server and my pages are in a folder on the server. For example, my pages are in the folder on<BR><BR><BR>I know that the global.asa is supposed to sit in the root directory, but I can&#039t put anything on, only in myfolder. Does that mean I&#039m out of luck using a global.asa? Or is there a way around this?<BR>Thanks

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    I do believe that the global.asa goes in the root directory of your application and thus it is an application.<BR><BR><BR>

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    You may have global.asa in as long as you create the appropriate permission for "yourfolder" as the starting point of your application.<BR>Use Internet Service Manager to create a virtual directory that points to "yourfolder", then set the "Execute" permission and "Create" the application for "yourfolder".<BR>One of the common mistakes developer makes is skipping the previous step, which ignores all "Session" variables that might have been set in global.asa.<BR>

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