Hopefully I have a simple question. I have a framed form that opens a verification window using window.open("",...). I then pull the user input into the new window for them to verify what they typed in (i set the windows html code to a variable in the previous frame and then document.write it to the unnamed window). My problem is that I can&#039t seem to submit my form from this new opened window. I thought the proper code was as follows, but it did not work:<BR><BR>&#060;input type=button name=submitter value="Complete Request" onclick="javascript: opener.parent.framename.document.formname.submit"& #062;<BR><BR>I suppose it&#039s possible you can&#039t submit from that opened window because the form tags are specific to the original window object, but I&#039m just not sure.<BR><BR>It&#039s like the opened window will not recognize the form in the original window. I suppose I could use hidden inputs and make the open window the action, but that seems like a lot of trouble.<BR><BR>Does opener.parent.framename.document.formname.submit seem right? <BR>Thanks in advance<BR>