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    I have a VB module as follows that will save a recordset, close it, and the reopen so it is only on the users side<BR><BR>Public Sub makeSavedRS(objrs as ADODB.RECORDSET, frmName as string)<BR> <BR> Dim fileN As String<BR> fileN = "c:\" & frmName & ".dat"<BR> If Dir(fileN) &#060;&#062; "" Then Kill (fileN)<BR> objrs.Save fileN<BR> If objrs.State &#060;&#062; adStateClosed Then objrs.Close<BR> objrs.Open fileN, "Provider=MSPersist;", , , adCmdFile<BR><BR>End Sub<BR><BR>My question is how to do similar thing in ASP pages by some conversion of this module or do you have similar code in ASP? Thanks a lot!<BR><BR>

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    You can&#039;t. You can&#039;t store anything on the client&#039;s harddrive. (and I&#039;m glad you can&#039;t).<BR> <BR>Then comes the big question: WHY? Why not use Recordset.GetRows to get the data in an array?

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