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    Hi,<BR>I am an ASP Programmer. I know to connect webpages with Database. I have done real time project also in this. I want to build myself apart from this to E-Com Transaction(Credit card transaction). Idon&#039;t know where to start, Building application. Is there any site developing model E-Com Transaction or what is the best book to go through.<BR>Kindly de the needful<BR>-Murugesan,<BR>India

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    Credit cards internationally follows a specific notation of encryption and decryption. Now if you need to write your own, then you need to make an agreement with the credit card companies and go ahead with the coding. When you make the agreement, they will be able to give you the logic, based on which you can build up your logic. You need to get the logic for reading thru the swiper or you can develop your own !!!!<BR><BR>There are many sites which gives idea about SSL encryption and decryption. Try google for your detailed search. ok.<BR><BR>I hope you have asked for this only.....

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