Updating Multiple Frames....How?

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Thread: Updating Multiple Frames....How?

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    DrWatson Guest

    Default Updating Multiple Frames....How?

    Hello<BR><BR>I need to find out how to update one or more frame(s) based on input/response from another frame. Can anyone help out or direct me to some information on this? (I would prefer a js solution but vbs will work in a pinch) <BR><BR>Thanks!! <BR>DrW

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    You can refer to different frames using document.framename.href I usually have an onClick event (like on a button) that calls a function that refers to the different frames and the new hrefs.

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    James Coutre Guest

    Default RE: Updating Multiple Frames....How?

    function UpdateMultipleFrames()<BR>{<BR>parent.frames[0].location.replace("newpage.htm")<BR>parent.frames[1].location.replace("newpage2.htm")<BR>parent.frames[2].location.replace("newpage3.htm")<BR>}<BR>Call this function and three frames will be updated at once.<BR><BR>James Coutre<BR>coutre@emailusa.net<BR>

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    DrW Guest

    Default Thanks Guys!!! I Really Appreciate the Help!! (nt)


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