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    Is it possible, somehow, to write a SELECT statement using Instr?<BR><BR>For example, I need to SELECT all products from a table WHERE the PRODNAME contains the word "grape".<BR><BR>In the PRODNAME field, it could have "grape juice" etc.<BR><BR>Help! TIA

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    Default Use LIKE instead...

    SELECT * FROM table WHERE PRODNAME LIKE &#039;%grape%&#039;<BR><BR>Look in any decent SQL tutorial for help with LIKE.<BR><BR>The % marks work just like * in DOS directory listings: <BR><BR>%abc% will match abc any place: abc, abcdefg, xyzabc, xyzabcdefg<BR>abc% will match abc at beginning only: abc, abcdefg<BR>%abc will match abc at end only: xyzabc<BR><BR>

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