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    I need a database for my students to log-in and see test scores using asp. I am having trouble with the many to many relationships between the StudentTable, TestTable, and GradeTable what would be the best approach using an access database?<BR>Here is what I have so far...........<BR><BR>Student Table<BR>*************<BR>StudentLName<BR>StudentF Name<BR>StudentID<BR>UserID<BR>Password<BR><BR>1 to many<BR><BR>StudTestTable<BR>**********<BR>TestID< BR>StudentID<BR>StudTestID<BR><BR>many to 1<BR><BR>TestsTable<BR>**********<BR>TestID<BR>Tes t<BR>Date<BR><BR>many to many<BR><BR>Grade<BR>********<BR>GradeID<BR>Grade< BR>TestID<BR><BR>any help would be great, thanks<BR>

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    Default *WHAT* many to many???

    First of all, I&#039;d like to point out that you really do *NOT* need an id field for the records in a many-to-many table. You will never be referencing those records directly, so why do they need a unique id of their own?<BR><BR>Anyway, it seems to me that the only many-to-many table you have there is the "StudTestTable" (and what do you do about female students? are they also "stud"s?? you *really* should use the full name).<BR><BR>And I can&#039;t see *any* purpose for the Grade table. It links only to the TestsTable (via TestID) and surely you aren&#039;t going to have only one grade for each test (unless this school is so egalitarian that it gives all students who take a test the same grade?). In point of fact, as that table is constructed at this time, it looks like a one-to-one table, meaning that it is extraneous and should be eliminated.<BR><BR>I hope you don&#039;t mind that I don&#039;t believe you about you being the instructor. Surely this is actually a problem given to you, as a student, by your instructor. If you were an instructor who didn&#039;t know when a table is one-to-many and when it is many-to-many then I&#039;d hope you are a History or English teacher. And if that is so, then why are you creating a simple minded little system like this? Instead of using the one that the school *surely* provides?<BR><BR>If I&#039;m wrong, please feel free to prove it to me via a URL or two?<BR><BR>And if you are a student looking for homework help, go ahead and ask for it! We don&#039;t *do* homework here, as a matter of principle, but we sure don&#039;t mind helping, especially when you ask the right questions! (Such as: What is wrong with the layout of the tables for this db?)<BR><BR><BR>

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