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    Hi all.<BR>Anyone got any idea how to get ASp to automatically run a script at a particular time of day? F&#039rinstance to kick off a check to see if any new data in a DB and email the DBM if there is, say 1am every day?<BR>Cheers<BR>Gizz

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    I know you can get components that do something like that, but what I do is just have a check in my global file on my Session_onStart()<BR><BR>When a user logs on I check a Application Var called TimeCheck. This is the time I want the event to happen. If the current time and date is greater than TimeCheck then I run my event and set TimeCheck ahead by 24 hours (or what ever time you want it to go off). ths user loggin on mught notice a small delay, but it is only a few extra seconds.<BR><BR>Also in your Application_onStart you initialise timecheck.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Pete

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    Deion (Aaron T. Lange) Guest

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    i have a ASP page that does something like that... but what i did was create a simple ASP page that uses the refresh property to refresh its self every min and the at key points of time it will trigger off other things to do like write to a log file or check the DB. i dont think its very effecient to have a ASP page run every min all day long but its on its own web server and seems to work ok. =)<BR><BR>~Deion

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