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    Is there any way to detect a change in value of a field, when the form has multiple records in it? For example, depending on the number of records in a particular record, each contents field receives a unique name on the fly, like (i).Contents. So would look like this:<BR>(0).Contents<BR>(1).Contents<BR>(2).Conte nts<BR><BR>and so on...<BR>If the user selects "Insurable" from a dropdown, I need to detect if there are any text values in the Contents fields. On submission, I have to disallow submission until the text values are made numeric...right now when the user selects Insurable, I use onChange to trigger an alert that tells them they need to chnage the text values to numbers. I need the validate that this was indeed done, however, before allowing submission.

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    Default Okaaay... could you draw a diagram <eop>


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