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    I have a website that I had laucnhed, it has a guestbook for visitor to make their post as a guestbook is used. <BR><BR>So far i have had one violation which was deleted, the same user has posted 4 times after that. My solution so far was to capture Date/Time and IP address of every user who posts. Is there a method of capturing the email addresses. I know if I make the email field a requirement they will fill with an invalid email address. <BR><BR>I would like to have the ability to capture their previously used email address from either a cookie or something. Else a solution if this person does violate the terms of service agreement of the site.

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    you could easily capture their previously used email address from a cookie, but i don&#039;t really think it would be much help for what you&#039;re trying to do. figuring out that they&#039;d just need to use another fake email address and/or delete cookie(s) wouldn&#039;t be difficult to regain their ability to post. i&#039;ve had similar problems with massive server spam which, short of banning all ip addresses starting with the same set of numbers that the offender always has, couldn&#039;t find a way to banish just that person.<BR>to narrow it down, you could find all that you can pertaining to that 1 individual. if you&#039;re lucky, they have some weird stuff in the server variables that could single them out, but that&#039;s pretty rare.<BR>could you go with some solution that prevents all posts containing certain words or combinations of them?<BR>perhaps let us know what exactly this violation of the user agreement consists of exactly (or what the user agreement is)?

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