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    I have been using ASP on a login form for my site it it is case sensitive and that is a bit of a pain. Is there some simple code that will fix this? I am VERY new to ASP thus I do not know much about it.

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    simplest way, convert both, the user entered uname/password and the database retrieved uname/password to LCase (or UCase) and then compare<BR><BR>if LCase(Request("txtPassword")) = LCase(rs("password")) then<BR> Response.Write("You have logged in...")<BR>end if

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    Default String Compare

    StrCompare() Or StringCompare() or something like that.<BR><BR>Which is it... Ugh, **** syntax! :)<BR><BR>Once you figure out the function that I&#039;m babbling about, it&#039;ll let you do case-insensitive comparisons.<BR><BR>-Doug

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