Accesing the same COM functions at the same time

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Thread: Accesing the same COM functions at the same time

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    I built a COM object in VB6 to access data in SQL Server. I use it in VB Application and ASP Applications. <BR>My question is about when I use it in ASP Application. For example, in an ASP page "page.asp" I call a funtion from my COM Object "Function1". This function take about 8 seconds to be completed. If two or more clients request page.asp in the same time, will Function1 be processed for all requests at the same time, or it will be processed for every request one by one?<BR><BR>Is true that every instance of a COM object has its own variables but all the instances share the code of the functions?

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    I think I understand this concept more in my mind than I can explain, but I&#039;ll give it a try. Each time your page/application accesses this component, it is actually accessing a copy of the public methods/functions created in memory. So theoretically, you are not actually accessing the component itself with each instantiation. With .dll&#039;s, the component operates inside the same memory space as the process that called it, hence the name "in-process components". So even though two processes call the component at the same moment, they are using separate instances of the component. Have I made that clear as mud?

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