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    Dear All<BR><BR>If I am using the filesystemobject to get a list of folders or files, will<BR>it return the names of them regardless of the NT security permissions set?<BR><BR>I am trying to filter out the folders and/or files listed, if a user doesnt<BR>have read/write permissions.<BR><BR>I know there are attributes that can be tested against, but if a user doesnt<BR>have the permissions for the file or folder does the attribute become<BR>"Hidden" or ...?<BR><BR>Or, should I be using Index Data Queries?<BR><BR>Hope someone can help on how I can achieve this?<BR><BR>Cheers<BR><BR>Dave<BR><BR>

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    You are going to need to research ADSI.<BR><BR>That will allow you to find the permissions for the users.<BR><BR>There was a post earlier today that had some information about it.<BR><BR>-Doug

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