I am the webmaster of our product knowlegebase, which is a huge collection of articles, all managed by a search engine based on the MS index server (Win2k). We use several custom meta tags to label articles, such as a meta tag called KBID that contains an article #. In order to search on the meta tag, we must create an object (IXSSO.Query), and use Q.DefineColumn in order to search on those metatags.<BR><BR>Now that .NET is out, I would like to use Datasets and the Datagrid to search and return the results from Index Server searches. Searching the index server is easy enough using something like "Provider=MSIDXS", but this does not seem to allow for Defined Columns, so that I can search on Meta tags.<BR><BR>Is there a new way to do this under the .Net platform, so that we can stop using the IXSSO.Query object?