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    Hi,<BR><BR>Is there any way to search for an email address in MS Exchange 5.5 using ASP?<BR><BR>What I have is an activate account page on our Intranet, the user enters their ID number and an email address and a password is sent to that email address. I&#039;d prefer it if instead of them supplying the password, the system searches through the Exchange Server (version 5.5 by the way) and gets the users company email address.<BR><BR>Is this possible? Doesn&#039;t sound to dificult but I don&#039;t know where to start.

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    Default Exchange is LDAP based.

    Well, I know the newer versions of Exchange are LDAP-based.<BR><BR>If you do some research on ADSI, you&#039;ll find that it can query LDAP databases. The problem is that online, there are very FEW resources for ADSI. I ended up buying a book on it -- and it was mostly trial and error to get anything to work.<BR><BR>-Doug

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